A mystery signal….

One of my hobbies is Amateur (HAM) Radio. Recently I’ve started picking up a mystery signal that is interfering with local 2-Meter and Air-Band radio signals. I’m wondering if anyone out there knows what this mystery signal is? Here’s what the signal looks like in SDR# on a RTL Dongle:

And here’s the .wav file of what it sounds like:

TEK-X on the horizon.

The PHP|Tek Conference is a little over a week away, and I’m excited about the opportunity to attend.  I’m also a little bummed that I’ll miss out on the Tutorial Day — specifically the session on “Converting Your MySQL App to NoSQL with MongoDB“. Can someone take notes for me? ;o)

Here are some of the sessions I’m looking forward to:

I’ll also be posting thoughts on Twitter under the #tekx hashtag. Hope to see you there!